Lapsus: Celeste Network open call for photographic and video works

Lapsus Celeste Prize

Open call – Theme

CELESTE Network is announcing an open call for photographic and video works, deadline: 28 February 2013.

Lapsus reflects on the ways in which works of art are created, especially in relation to new media, photography and video, which allow artists ever more technical and virtual perfection, at the risk of losing authenticity and uniqueness.

History of art shows us that many works were born of accidental ‘mistakes’ which occurred during the execution of a project, the taking of a picture or the recording of a video; such slips or lapsus’ often occur without the knowledge of the author, who can use them as a point of strength in the final work.

This project also explores the idea of fate and destiny in relation to an artist and his or her artwork, dispelling the myth that a technological slip, error or failure can be determined or planned, instead elevating them to an aesthetic image that is a work of art.

Lapsus was born from an idea by the critic Marinella Paderni, and is a collaboration between Celeste Network and Fondazione Studio Marangoni.

What role does a random accident, a ‘fortunate’ error, a bizarre involuntariness or the failure of an idea, have in the success of a work of art? In the age of Photoshop and digital technology, what value does an ‘error’ have, that unplanned mistake that escapes the consciousness of the artist as he creates his work, but enriches and decrees its success?

Lapsus investigates the positive and constructive values of an accidental photographic error, an un-sought-for error, that at the time of its occurrence decides the fate of a work or a project.
The practice of ‘errata’ in photography and cinema is as old as their own invention: Man Ray used the neologism Fautographie to nickname the photographic error, while Diane Arbus stated that “… is important to make bad photographs.” Zoe Leonard has dedicated to this concept a recent series of photographs (Sun photographs) which look directly at the sun, an ‘error’ that even newcomers to photography would not have stumbled on, but explained by the American artist as an attempt to photograph a subject impossible to portray. The historian of photography Clément Chéroux has written a book that examines the history of the photographic error in the development of photography.

The project Lapsus takes into consideration all those photographic and video works in which an accident during their execution, a sudden and unintended erasure, an unexpected détournement during development of a work, or conversely, the research of an impossibility (as in the case of Zoe Leonard) lead to the success of a work of art.

Selections & Prizes
Deadline for submissions is 28 February 2013.
15 projects will be chosen by the selection panel which includes Martin Breindl, Elena Ceratti and Silvio Wolf. At the exhibition opening on 17 May 2013 the curator of Lapsus, Marinella Paderni, will choose the three winning projects and award € 2,000 prizes.

Terms & Conditions

All projects submitted must relate to the theme proposed by Marinella Paderni. Each project can contain up to 10 photographs and/or videos (max 10 minutes), and must be accompanied by a statement. Both artworks and statement are to be submitted directly in the ‘Lapsus’ box in every artists’ personal account in Celeste Network. Once confirmed, projects will be published immediately onsite in a special area called ‘Lapsus.’

All projects submitted to ‘Lapsus’ together with projects selected by the Selection Panel will be visible online. Exhibition of the 15 finalist projects will be curated by Marinella Paderni, who will take into account the space available at the exhibition and the spatial characteristics of each project.

First: € 1,000
Second: € 500
Third: € 500

Lapsus is an international call for works in photography or video. Photographers and videoartists, regardless of age, sex, occupation or geographic location can participate, as single individuals or in a group.

Last hour to join is midnight Italian time on 28 February 2013. To participate it is necessary to pay entry fee by the deadline hour. Works can then be uploaded within the following 7 days.

Entry fee
Online: € 40 for each project entered directly online, € 30 for each subsequent project.
By mail: € 70 for each project, in which all materials including text and images are uploaded by the Celeste Team.
Each project can contain up to 10 photographs and/ or videos.

To join
Online: login to your account in Celeste Network, open the box ‘Lapsus’, pay entry fee by credit card on Paypal, then insert texts and works of the project. Payments by bank transfer (takes two business days for payment confirmation and activation): Celeste Network – Banco Posta – IBAN: IT74 W076 0114 2000 0000 5409 079 – BIC / Swift: BPPIITRRXXX
Send your receipt by email to
The fee is not refundable.

Shortlist selection
The shortlist of 15 projects (10 photography and 5 video) participating in the exhibition will be announced by March 30, 2013. Selections will be conducted by the selection panel which includes Martin Breindl, Elena Ceratti and Silvio Wolf.

Production and transport of works

Artists selected and invited to exhibit in the fsmgallery, Florence, Italy, will be responsible for the costs of production of their work, transportation/insurance costs to and from Florence, as well as any travel and accommodation expenses.

Exhibition and winners

Three winning projects, selected by the curator Marinella Paderni, will be announced on May 16 during the opening of the exhibition at fsmgallery in Florence. The exhibition will run from 17 May to 15 June 2013.

An online catalogue will be produced in pdf which includes presentation of selected works, texts by artists and the curator Marinella Paderni.

Artists retain copyright of all works and texts they upload, but they accept to authorize Celeste Network’s use of the materials they upload for communication and promotion purposes only: to create the catalogue or other promotional material, and in Celeste’s websites. Artists who submit works to Lapsus declare and accept that they are the authors of the images they upload and possess all rights to use these images, including musical scores if used. Artists guarantee that they have received permission and authorization, as required by law, from persons represented in their photographic or video works, or from their legal representatives. The organizer is not and cannot be held responsible for any dispute among artists and persons or third parties who might claim author’s rights over images of a work.

* Celeste Network has by Italian law to hand over to the Italian state 25% of prize money for tax purposes. This sum will be withheld by the organizer from each prize winner. A prize winner who is non-resident in Italy can request the Italian tax authorities to have his or her tax advance recredited in his/her country of residence, this is a suggestion and in no way represents a certainty guaranteed by Celeste Network.

See what works have already been submitted.

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